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Get Your Stylish Bangs!

One of some ways to change your appearance instantly is with bangs. Hair style with a thick bangs with a blunt piece seems still to be a favorite. Let’s select the appropriate model of bangs with your face shape.

It's better to avoid these bangs style

Kelly Brook: It requires three words to explain her bangs style: ‘ Too high Maintenance!’

Kelly Osbourne: Her bangs style looks like a desperate housewive, avoid the use of curling iron for your bangs.

Maria Madeiros: Her bangs need an extra vitamin and a good haircut too.

Rosario Dawson: Rosie, your bangs is too short. It makes your face look so square!

recommended bangs style

Agyness Deyn: Got a short hair? It’s better you imitate Agy’s asyimmetric bangs style. This hairstyle and minimalis make up give a sporty impression.

Kate Moss: Be the next rock chick just like Miss Moss with her long bob and zig-zag bangs.

Katie Holmes: Her classy hairstyle makes her bangs looks natural and adorable.

Lily Allen: Her thick bangs and wavy hair look so sweet with a ribbon as accessories.