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Get Cool With Hoodies

Fashionconscious – Feeling a little cold but still wanna look cool? Get a hoodie!

A hoodie is like a jacket with a hood. A large pocket on the right and left side bottom, a hood, and a drawstring generally become their characteristics. Sometimes a hoodie is equipped with a zipper in the front side. They are made from cotton, leather or others materials. Both men or women can wear this outfit.

Hoodie Jacket

If you already have one in your closet, try to wear it. What you need to do is only to mix and match that cool outfit with your favorite clothes!

It’s better you check the information below:


  • Denim pants and mini skirts are the most suitable outfit to pair with hoodies.
  •  Match hoodies in the form of loose tops with leggings or skinny jeans.
  • For a more girlie style, mix hoodie jacket with a simple dress.


  • Unless you really want to exercise, avoid the use hoodie  plus a training and a pair of sneakers.
  • Do not double hoodie jacket with a thick jacket again, you’ll look like sushi rolls.

It’s fun for checking out celebrities who wear the hoodies these days. Here we go, imitate celebrity style then try to mix and match to get your perfect style! Enjoy!

Robert Pattinson with his hoodie jacket

Rihanna in her denim hoodie jacket

Kim Kadarshian with her black zip up hoodie jacket

Beautiful Kim Kadarshian wore black fitted hoodie with a zipper and gray sweat pant and dot-studded boots.

Kristen Stewart in her blue hoodie

Avril Lavigne wore a leopard hoodie

Avril Lavigne, one of celebrities who really loves to wear hoodie. For me, Avril is just like a trendsetter for hoodies. Her style is so cool with these hoodies.

Avril Lavigne in various designs and color of hoodies


Kanye West and his hoodie jacket


So, what do you think? Hoodie is cool or overrated fashion outfit?


Thigh High Boots, The Newest Fashion Trend

Fashionconscious – Here it is! Thigh high boots! One of women shoes that make the women feel sexy and feel good. There are plenty of women these days that like to look sexy and feel good in a pair of boots. With a short little dress or skirt or eve skinny jeans and a pair of thigh high boots, a woman can look as fashionable as she ever could. This style would be sure to make a splash around her.

Topshop Brittany Thigh High Boots

The picture above is showing thigh high boots from Topshop. They already launched these adorable boot named ‘Brittany’ thigh high boots, which are available in black leather, and blue or black suede. If you dare to wear these fabulous shoes, I think these are fairly reasonably priced and models. I’ll be sure, you are certain to stand out in the crowd.

Today, there are many young women that seem like to wear these lovable thigh high boot to make them look flirty, sexy, and fabulous at the party or wherever they go to. They like to mix and match their outfit in order to pair them with these boots.

-From Left to Right: Antonio Berardi, March Jacobs, Hermes and Isabel Marant-

These adorable shoes also make some celebrities falling in love with. They like to wear them in their activities or show. I’ll provide the celebrities fashion style with their thigh high boots below. Let’s check their fabulous style wearing thigh high boots!

-Celebrities fashion style with their thigh high boots-

Kim Kardashian: Look sexy and casual with thigh high boots paired with slashed denim, casual tee & a classy blazer.

-Rihanna: in a grey dress frosted bob hairstyle and Stella McCartney thigh-high boots-

-Kelly Clarkson: combine thigh high boots with understated black mini dress-

-Ashley Tisdale: wearing casual striped shirt and black skirt and black thigh high boots-