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Fashion Item: Stockings

Thin and long socks that we know it is known as stockings. These fashion item are generally made of nylon, but some are made ​​from wool, cotton, and silk. Stocking material itself is thin, and there is also a thick stocking, even there is also like a net (fish net).

The patterned stockings are generally made ​​from cotton, silk, and even velvet. While the types of fish net are usually made ​​of lycra, microfiber, nylon, and some are made ​​from latex.

Many people think that stocking is only a thin sock. Actually, there are types of stockings.

1. Thigh High Stocking
This type of stocking has a length to thigh, and they were divided into two types, namely:

Examples of Thigh High Stockings

* Hold up
Stockings that ultimately were given additional materials that serve to hold to the stockings do not sag.

Stocking of this type can sometimes leave scars if worn too long. To avoid scars like these, we can choose stockings that are equipped with a comfort band – kind of band that is comfortable to wear and no imprint on the thigh or cause pain. One is the band of silicon as it feels like that stocking is attached to the skin.

Black Hold Up Stocking

* Garter belt*
Some kind of string or ribbon to pull stocking. It is usually attached to a corset or some kind of underwear – like the one worn by Christina Aguilera in her clip Lady Marmalade. Wearing this stocking is also more convenient because it does not use a rubber that will leave a scar on the thigh.

Christina Aguilera wearing Garter belt stocking in her video clip 'Lady Marmalade'

2. Knee high.
Another type of stocking with the length under the knee are calf high, ankle high and quarter high.

Knee High Stocking (calf high)


Ankle high stocking

3. Panty Hose.
We certainly are familiar with this one. This is the type of pants or leggings. Kind of too many, such as: Sheer to waist, suspenders (with buffer), crotchless (holes in the crotch)

Silk panty hose stocking

4. Body stocking
Also called a body suit, stockings that cover the legs, body, even some that long to cover the hands.