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Fashion Model On the Spotlight: Agyness Deyn

Fashionconscious – Who is your favorite fashion model? When talking about fashion, we know that there are fashion models behind. They are then who present some products from a certain brand or fashion to the public. In this part, I will show you my favorite fashion model. She is Agyness Deyn!

Agyness Deyn

Model from Manchester United, English is the world’s top fashion models Runway. Her real name is Laura Hollins, she often appears in almost every fashion show such as CK, Karl Lagerfeld, Zac Posen, Burberry, and others.

Agyness Deyn in her casual and boyish style

Her beautiful face has been featured on the covers of famous magazines such as: UK Vogue, Time, Vogue Italia, China Vogue, Pop, and numerous international publications. Besides, she has appeared in advertisement for International brands of cosmetics, bags, or fashion for example Blumarine, Giorgio Armani, Anna Sui, Moussy, Reebook, Paul Smith, etc.

Let’s check her moves. There’s cover shots, runway images, and etc. Enjoy her style!

Agyness Deyn in her photo shot for Reebok


Agyness Deyn in Vogue Cover Magazine


Agyness Deyn in Anna Sui advertisement


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Summer Collection

Summer is a fun season. In this season, people often use it for taking a vacation or enjoy the season with joy. At the same time, fashion in this season is also growing. Make yourself in your favorite style, of course, could be more exciting. Here are examples of women fashion styles in the summer time from Cosmo Girl, Indonesia. Here we go!

option 1

Summer Fashion Style – option 1
1. Knitting Sweater, MAX Boutique
2. Sleeveles undershirt, MAX Boutique
3. Jeans, Miss Selfridge
4. Earring, CH Handricraft
5. Necklace, Sass Diva
6. Clutch Shocking Pink, Topshop
7. Wedges shoes, Shoe Fetish
8. Bracelet, Veronica Accessories

Option 2

Summer Fashion Style – option 2

1. Jacket, Rusty

2. Long Sleeve Shirt, Rusty

3.BlueOceanSkirt, Roxy

4. Bag, Levi’s

5. Ethnic Necklace, J&J byAlun-AlunIndonesia

6. Ethnic Necklace, J&J byAlun-AlunIndonesia

7. Bracelet, Her Room

8. Stone Ring, WW U Community

9. Sandals, Pink Label

Option 3

Summer Fashion Style – option 3

1. Shawl, 9 p.m
2. White shirt, ordinary shirt
3. Sleeveles undershirt, Zara
4. Grey Jeans, Levi’s
5. Ethnic Necklace, Sass Diva
6. Bracelet, J&J by Alun-Alun Indonesia
7. Bracelet, Rembulan Cantik by Alun-Alun Indonesia
8. Bag, Gap
9. Sunglasses, Zara
10. Yellow Sandals, Shines

Option 4

1. White & Blue shirt, Roxy

2.  Sleeveles undershirt, byAlun-AlunIndonesia

3. Belt, N.Y.L.A

4. Denim Jeans, Topshop

5. Earring, CH Handicraft

6. Bracelet, Shines

7. Necklace, Sass Diva

8. Sandals, ordinary sandals

9. Bag, Topshop

10. Hat, Kopta

Option 5

Summer Fashion Style – option 5

1. Jacket, MAX Boutique
2. Shawl, Pink Label
3. Hat, Pink Label
4. Dress, Eclore
5. Bag, Gaudi
6. Sandals, ordinary sandals
7. Necklace, Bean Boutique
8. Bracelet, Sass Diva
9. Bracelet, Sass Diva

Beauty Items That Rocks!

11 beauty items that women required and a list of products that become champion, are present here. Ladies, do not stay wait that long. Read and immediately match these beauty items that is appropriate for you.

Here is the information about the beauty that I present for you, because we know that women were destined not only to care about fashion, but also concerned with all matter relating to body and facial treatments. Beauty products are not only properly used for daily activities, but also keep fit to be brought as a friend of you for your outdoor activities or when you traveling. Lets’ check this out…

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Sunglasses, Your Stylish Accessories!

Today, sunglasses are wonderful fashion   accessories that can achieve fashionable look.

It always becomes the everlasting fashion accessories. They are not only used for eye-protection, but also can be used as the fashion complement.

If you decide to have sunglasses, the main point that you should take care is the sunglasses lenses. It should have UV protection. It helps you to protect your eyes from harmful sun rays. Then, (more…)