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Simple Ways to Cure Acne Naturally

Fashionconscious – For some people, beauty is expensive. They need to spend a lot of money to get their beauty. For some people, they don’t have the budget to take care or maintain their beauty and healthy skin. Face, for women is like an important asset for her life. The most disease that happened to our face is acne. Therefore, they will do anything to make their face always look fresh and clean without acnes. Here are some simple ways to cure acne naturally. So, you can save your money and definitely make your appearance look fabulous.

1. Use facial foam specifically designed for acne. Pay attention to the usage direction. Wash your face at least two times every day, in the morning when you take a bath and at the night before you go to sleep. It is important to clean your face everyday in order to leave out the dirt or dead skin cell from your face. Use sulfur-based facial foam for the most effective treatment.

2. Drink enough water every day. Drinking liquids is essential in everybody’s over all health. You need to drink mineral water for about 8 glasses every day. With a great quantity of water that you drink, it will help you to bring out the toxin in your body also prevent the dirt on your face become an acne.

3. To cure acne naturally is as simple as not picking your acne with your hand. When you touch your acne with your unclean hand, it makes your acne become worst or it can cause infection.


4. Change you pillow case after two days. Why you need to do so? It’s simple, because face is the closest human body that directly contact with pillow when we’re go to sleep. The fact is that, your pillow cover absorbs dirt and oil as you lay down on it every day. Keep your pillow cover clean.

Try to follow the tip above and you will get your face clear and fresh without spending much money.