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Fashion Item: Stockings

Thin and long socks that we know it is known as stockings. These fashion item are generally made of nylon, but some are made ​​from wool, cotton, and silk. Stocking material itself is thin, and there is also a thick stocking, even there is also like a net (fish net).

The patterned stockings are generally made ​​from cotton, silk, and even velvet. While the types of fish net are usually made ​​of lycra, microfiber, nylon, and some are made ​​from latex.

Many people think that stocking is only a thin sock. Actually, there are types of stockings.

1. Thigh High Stocking
This type of stocking has a length to thigh, and they were divided into two types, namely:

Examples of Thigh High Stockings

* Hold up
Stockings that ultimately were given additional materials that serve to hold to the stockings do not sag.

Stocking of this type can sometimes leave scars if worn too long. To avoid scars like these, we can choose stockings that are equipped with a comfort band – kind of band that is comfortable to wear and no imprint on the thigh or cause pain. One is the band of silicon as it feels like that stocking is attached to the skin.

Black Hold Up Stocking

* Garter belt*
Some kind of string or ribbon to pull stocking. It is usually attached to a corset or some kind of underwear – like the one worn by Christina Aguilera in her clip Lady Marmalade. Wearing this stocking is also more convenient because it does not use a rubber that will leave a scar on the thigh.

Christina Aguilera wearing Garter belt stocking in her video clip 'Lady Marmalade'

2. Knee high.
Another type of stocking with the length under the knee are calf high, ankle high and quarter high.

Knee High Stocking (calf high)


Ankle high stocking

3. Panty Hose.
We certainly are familiar with this one. This is the type of pants or leggings. Kind of too many, such as: Sheer to waist, suspenders (with buffer), crotchless (holes in the crotch)

Silk panty hose stocking

4. Body stocking
Also called a body suit, stockings that cover the legs, body, even some that long to cover the hands.


Get Cool With Hoodies

Fashionconscious – Feeling a little cold but still wanna look cool? Get a hoodie!

A hoodie is like a jacket with a hood. A large pocket on the right and left side bottom, a hood, and a drawstring generally become their characteristics. Sometimes a hoodie is equipped with a zipper in the front side. They are made from cotton, leather or others materials. Both men or women can wear this outfit.

Hoodie Jacket

If you already have one in your closet, try to wear it. What you need to do is only to mix and match that cool outfit with your favorite clothes!

It’s better you check the information below:


  • Denim pants and mini skirts are the most suitable outfit to pair with hoodies.
  •  Match hoodies in the form of loose tops with leggings or skinny jeans.
  • For a more girlie style, mix hoodie jacket with a simple dress.


  • Unless you really want to exercise, avoid the use hoodie  plus a training and a pair of sneakers.
  • Do not double hoodie jacket with a thick jacket again, you’ll look like sushi rolls.

It’s fun for checking out celebrities who wear the hoodies these days. Here we go, imitate celebrity style then try to mix and match to get your perfect style! Enjoy!

Robert Pattinson with his hoodie jacket

Rihanna in her denim hoodie jacket

Kim Kadarshian with her black zip up hoodie jacket

Beautiful Kim Kadarshian wore black fitted hoodie with a zipper and gray sweat pant and dot-studded boots.

Kristen Stewart in her blue hoodie

Avril Lavigne wore a leopard hoodie

Avril Lavigne, one of celebrities who really loves to wear hoodie. For me, Avril is just like a trendsetter for hoodies. Her style is so cool with these hoodies.

Avril Lavigne in various designs and color of hoodies


Kanye West and his hoodie jacket


So, what do you think? Hoodie is cool or overrated fashion outfit?

Celebrity in Purple Dresses

Purple is one of the favorite color. This color is a blend of red and blue colors that are preferred by many women. Purple are attractive and sexy, perhaps that is the reason why this color become a favorite  color of celebrities. Which is your favorite? Try to choose from these celebrity styles. The type of material determines the color that is  said to be  luxury and mysterious!

Megan Fox in her purple dress


From left to right : Blake Lively - Emmy Rossum


From left to right : Natasha Bedingfield - Sandra Bullock

There is Natasha Bedingfield wore sleeveless long purple dress to Grammy Awards 2008. Then let’s take a closer look at Sandra Bullock’s purple dress. She wore this purple gown to the Golden Globe Award 2010.

Julie Benz in her elegant purple dress


Selena Gomez in her mini purple dress

Tyra Banks with her simple purple dress


From left to right : Paris Hilton - Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan wore mini purple dress with black belt as accessories to the MTV Award. She looks so fabulous. Paris Hilton wore a knee length purple dress.


Maxi Dress

Maxi dress, or as we know as a long dress, long time ago we only wear it when attending weddings or formal events. But now maxi dress also we can use for casual occasions, even go to the beach. On condition that, you just choose the right model, the bright colors and patterns, as well as material that is lightweight and not hot.

maxi Dresses

If you want to make your style more fabulous, you can add the accessories. Your appearance become trendy and chic.

Maxi Dress - with accessories

Maxi Dress

Eva Longoria in her maxi dress

Types of Modern Wedding Dresses

Fashionconscious – Choosing a bridal gown is probably one of the most important items ever purchased in a woman’s life.  For you who want to get married, it’s better for you to know closely about the type of wedding dresses before you purchase that beautiful gown.

We have listed here a variety of modern wedding dress style that will suit any bride’s dream and match with her figure. Let’s check them out!

1. A-Line

This type has a classic style and elegant cut , in which this A-line style that fitted from shoulder to the hips and flows out to the  ground, flares out at the bottom like an A-shape. Giving the bride a slim look.

Beautiful and Elegant White Wedding Dress with A-Line shape

A-line wedding dress

2. Mermaid

This type is not for everyone. The mermaid shape is ideal for curvy girls with balanced hip and bust measurements. It is mostly recommended for women who want to show off their curves.  The one who has a slender body type is great to wear this beautiful dress. In wearing this type you must confident.This dress is fitted tightly through the bodice, hips and legs and then flares out at the bottom of the gown.

Halter Neck Mermaid Wedding Dress

Various types of Mermaid Wedding Dresses

3. Basque Waist

This type of wedding dress has a “U” or “V” shape. It is good on most body type. The term basque waist here means a sort of extension of this part of the body that is characterized by a tight corset at the above part of the dress and a large full skirt at the bottom.

Basque Waist Wedding Dress

Basque Waist Wedding Dress

4. Ball Gown

This type is classified to be classic and elegant style has a fitted bodice with the traditional full skirt. Formerly, this gown is worn for ballroom dancing or most formal occasion. Now, it has adapted to the modern style and make this dress more beautiful to wear in a wedding day.

Strapless Floor Length Satin Wedding Dress in a Ball gown type

White Ball Gown Wedding Dress

5. Empire

This wedding dress type is a flattering bodice that ends just below the bust. This type looks great on pregnant brides and petite women alike. Generally, it is great if you have a small bust and a broad waist.

White Empire Wedding Dress

Empire Wedding Dress

6. Sheath

This type of  wedding gown is very fitted and almost tube-like in appearance. It has a shape that is fitted throughout the entire dress and should be avoided by brides with many or no curves.

Sheat wedding gown with lace V Neck corset

Sleeveless Sheath Wedding Dress

If you want to buy the wedding dresses, you can visit this link below :


Fashion Model On the Spotlight: Agyness Deyn

Fashionconscious – Who is your favorite fashion model? When talking about fashion, we know that there are fashion models behind. They are then who present some products from a certain brand or fashion to the public. In this part, I will show you my favorite fashion model. She is Agyness Deyn!

Agyness Deyn

Model from Manchester United, English is the world’s top fashion models Runway. Her real name is Laura Hollins, she often appears in almost every fashion show such as CK, Karl Lagerfeld, Zac Posen, Burberry, and others.

Agyness Deyn in her casual and boyish style

Her beautiful face has been featured on the covers of famous magazines such as: UK Vogue, Time, Vogue Italia, China Vogue, Pop, and numerous international publications. Besides, she has appeared in advertisement for International brands of cosmetics, bags, or fashion for example Blumarine, Giorgio Armani, Anna Sui, Moussy, Reebook, Paul Smith, etc.

Let’s check her moves. There’s cover shots, runway images, and etc. Enjoy her style!

Agyness Deyn in her photo shot for Reebok


Agyness Deyn in Vogue Cover Magazine


Agyness Deyn in Anna Sui advertisement


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Shiny Leggings, Timeless Fashion Outfit

Fashionconscious – Who doesn’t know about leggings? I think, every woman knows about this outfit. Leggings are type of fitted clothing covering the legs, which can be worn especially for women and rarely for men.

Shiny Leggings

1. American Apparel Shiny Nylon Tricot

2. Shiny Metallic Lame Leggings

3. Glossy Leopard Leggings

4. Glossy Leggings

5. ASOS High Shine Leggings

Leggings are typically made from lycra, spandex, nylon, cotton, wool, silk and other materials. They are also available in a multitude of designs and colours. They are typically in ankle length, fully covered the feet, or some are in shorter under the knee or calf of the leg.

Shiny leggings, one of some kinds of leggings that really catchy.It has a shiny look, most often made of  nylon or spandex, come in a variety of colors, most commonly in black. These outfit can make our ordinary fashion look so fashionable if we match them with appropriate fashion outfit, high heels, and other fashion accessories. Some teenagers working on it to be more fashionable in their appearance, just like what the celebrities did! Here they are, the celebrities fashion style in their shiny leggings! Let’s check ’em out!

Lindsay Lohan loves to wear all types of leggings

From left to right: Christina Millian, Heidi Klum, Nicky Hilton in shiny leggings

From left to right: Fergie, Lady Gaga, Lindsay Lohan. They love to wear leggings. It's kinda perfect fashion outfit.

Rihanna looks fabulous in her boots and shiny legging

Thigh High Boots, The Newest Fashion Trend

Fashionconscious – Here it is! Thigh high boots! One of women shoes that make the women feel sexy and feel good. There are plenty of women these days that like to look sexy and feel good in a pair of boots. With a short little dress or skirt or eve skinny jeans and a pair of thigh high boots, a woman can look as fashionable as she ever could. This style would be sure to make a splash around her.

Topshop Brittany Thigh High Boots

The picture above is showing thigh high boots from Topshop. They already launched these adorable boot named ‘Brittany’ thigh high boots, which are available in black leather, and blue or black suede. If you dare to wear these fabulous shoes, I think these are fairly reasonably priced and models. I’ll be sure, you are certain to stand out in the crowd.

Today, there are many young women that seem like to wear these lovable thigh high boot to make them look flirty, sexy, and fabulous at the party or wherever they go to. They like to mix and match their outfit in order to pair them with these boots.

-From Left to Right: Antonio Berardi, March Jacobs, Hermes and Isabel Marant-

These adorable shoes also make some celebrities falling in love with. They like to wear them in their activities or show. I’ll provide the celebrities fashion style with their thigh high boots below. Let’s check their fabulous style wearing thigh high boots!

-Celebrities fashion style with their thigh high boots-

Kim Kardashian: Look sexy and casual with thigh high boots paired with slashed denim, casual tee & a classy blazer.

-Rihanna: in a grey dress frosted bob hairstyle and Stella McCartney thigh-high boots-

-Kelly Clarkson: combine thigh high boots with understated black mini dress-

-Ashley Tisdale: wearing casual striped shirt and black skirt and black thigh high boots-

Summer Collection

Summer is a fun season. In this season, people often use it for taking a vacation or enjoy the season with joy. At the same time, fashion in this season is also growing. Make yourself in your favorite style, of course, could be more exciting. Here are examples of women fashion styles in the summer time from Cosmo Girl, Indonesia. Here we go!

option 1

Summer Fashion Style – option 1
1. Knitting Sweater, MAX Boutique
2. Sleeveles undershirt, MAX Boutique
3. Jeans, Miss Selfridge
4. Earring, CH Handricraft
5. Necklace, Sass Diva
6. Clutch Shocking Pink, Topshop
7. Wedges shoes, Shoe Fetish
8. Bracelet, Veronica Accessories

Option 2

Summer Fashion Style – option 2

1. Jacket, Rusty

2. Long Sleeve Shirt, Rusty

3.BlueOceanSkirt, Roxy

4. Bag, Levi’s

5. Ethnic Necklace, J&J byAlun-AlunIndonesia

6. Ethnic Necklace, J&J byAlun-AlunIndonesia

7. Bracelet, Her Room

8. Stone Ring, WW U Community

9. Sandals, Pink Label

Option 3

Summer Fashion Style – option 3

1. Shawl, 9 p.m
2. White shirt, ordinary shirt
3. Sleeveles undershirt, Zara
4. Grey Jeans, Levi’s
5. Ethnic Necklace, Sass Diva
6. Bracelet, J&J by Alun-Alun Indonesia
7. Bracelet, Rembulan Cantik by Alun-Alun Indonesia
8. Bag, Gap
9. Sunglasses, Zara
10. Yellow Sandals, Shines

Option 4

1. White & Blue shirt, Roxy

2.  Sleeveles undershirt, byAlun-AlunIndonesia

3. Belt, N.Y.L.A

4. Denim Jeans, Topshop

5. Earring, CH Handicraft

6. Bracelet, Shines

7. Necklace, Sass Diva

8. Sandals, ordinary sandals

9. Bag, Topshop

10. Hat, Kopta

Option 5

Summer Fashion Style – option 5

1. Jacket, MAX Boutique
2. Shawl, Pink Label
3. Hat, Pink Label
4. Dress, Eclore
5. Bag, Gaudi
6. Sandals, ordinary sandals
7. Necklace, Bean Boutique
8. Bracelet, Sass Diva
9. Bracelet, Sass Diva

Nightwear : Sexy Lingerie


When was the last time you paid attention to your nightwear collection? One year ago? Two years ago? Oh no! Perhaps it’s time for you to update your nightwear collection. One of nightwear collection is lingerie. Lingerie makes a really great portion of woman’s closet.

Lingerie is constantly worn to offer a different look of your body form. Lingerie also helps to spice up your marriage become more enthusiastic.

Lingerie has now presented with details such as pleats, bows, and ribbon trim accentuate the designs. The overall look is both sweet and sexy.

To find the perfect lingerie, constantly be sure to choose the model that absolutely fit and comfort with your body. The color, price, model and material are also play important roles when you want to find the perfect lingerie. Women must look for a type that plays up their body in the most pleasant way. If you want to in a short style, you can combine it with stockings and supporters so your legs look taller.

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