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How to Choose the Perfect Shoes

Find the perfect shoes is not that easy. We need to consider some aspects in choosing the perfect shoes. Here are some tips on how to choose the perfect shoes!


Never choose shoes only by their cute look. Although the model is cute but you are not comfortable in, you will never use it. It means it waste your money. No matter how cute they look, if you are not comfortable in the, you will not wear them. And, if you don’t wear them, you just wasted your money. Find shoes that you are comfortable in. In order to find a comfortable shoe, you need to try them before. Try to wear them at the store when you want to purchase that shoes. Check the size correctly which makes you feel comfortable.



Find the color of shoes that match with different outfits. As we know that sometime there is a shoe that only matches with one outfit. That’s why you need to know closely about this matter in order to have the shoes that will match with many clothes. The most available choices of this color are black, grey, brown, or white.



The more expensive the shoes, the more good quality they have. Perhaps that statement is right. But, some of you can not afford it. The most important that we need to closely pay attention is the quality. Although they are cheap or expensive, we need to consider their quality. If you like the model, the color, but it’s worse in quality, it is better you think it twice to buy it.


In buying a shoe, the first aspect that we usually consider is the price. In order to save your wallet, you need to create a maximum budget. For example, if you can afford to buy expensive shoes it is ok, but it’s better to decide within your heart the maximum price to avoid too much spending money in buying shoes.


Find the best affordable shoes that good in size, color, and quality. Those are the shoes that will last for a long period. Have a good try!




Hand Painted Shoes

Talking about shoes, it seems never ending topics. Shoes are like a  complement part of human activities. Both men and women love shoes. Now, in this article, I will talk about painted-shoes. Yes, it’s hand painted-shoes. Why it is called hand painted-shoes? It is because the shoes are painted directly with hand.

The main material of these shoes is canvas shoes, mostly in white color. Then the second material is the paint. Generally, painted-shoes use acrylic paint. It is better choice for canvas shoes. Acrylic paints are extremely versatile and fast-drying. It can be diluted with water and colorfast. So, don’t worry, the painting on your painted-shoes is not easy to fade.

I love to draw. After I saw a television program that covering about painted-shoes, then I try to make it real. Then I start to open an online shop to sell painted-shoes. I named it : Lov’s painted-shoes. Each pair is custom painted with the art or design of your choice so you will never see another like it! I draw and paint every pair of them. Besides I can earn money, I will also able to experience art in this way.

Let’s check them out! I’ll show you some painted-shoes that I made by myself. Take your time to enjoying this site.

Emily and Elmo - My customer want me to draw this painted-shoes.

Butterfly and Little Elephant

Elmo and Monster Cookies

Cow and the fork

Ballet Girl

Black and Red Carving

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Crocs shoes, Lovable or Horrible?

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Nowadays, crocs shoes are becoming more and more popular among us. “Crocs shoes“, it doesn’t mean shoes made of crocodile skin, but rather a new shoe trend that is sweeping the nation.

Crocs shoes itself originally came from Canada. Now, the Crocs’ company is based in Boulder, Colorado. Crocs are made from a patented closed-cell resin, which makes them comfortable and pliable to wear on your feet. They are especially great for people who are on their feet all day, like food service personnel, medical employee, and others.

After wearing Crocs all day, not only makes your feet feel great, but any back problems they normally suffered with were gone. That’s what all people tell about these shoes. This is not to say that Crocs will solve all your medical problems. But you will definitely feel better. For you who have a problem with your feet, especially have a bad odor, no need to worry. By wearing these shoes your feet will not stink because they are unable to absorb odor. Besides, the shoes are so light and super easy to clean.

Crocs itself have some variety of models and colors. The most common model is the shoes that have ventilation holes throughout the top of the shoes others only have ventilation around the sides leaving the top solid for protection from spilled liquids.

For your fashion style, you can mix and match with your clothes. A variety of fashionable colors available make Crocs become an excellent choice to have for your fashionable foot wear.

Crocs with ventilation holes

Some people say that these shoes are kind of old-fashioned. The model with the ventilation holes is like a kind of monster. As I know its benefit, it’s better not to judge. Some people think that it looks ugly especially the way it makes your feet looks so big. Well, it depends on your self. You owe it to yourself to try a pair of Crocs shoes or to try a pair of other shoes. So which one is your opinion, lovable or horrible?