Hand Painted Shoes

Talking about shoes, it seems never ending topics. Shoes are like a  complement part of human activities. Both men and women love shoes. Now, in this article, I will talk about painted-shoes. Yes, it’s hand painted-shoes. Why it is called hand painted-shoes? It is because the shoes are painted directly with hand.

The main material of these shoes is canvas shoes, mostly in white color. Then the second material is the paint. Generally, painted-shoes use acrylic paint. It is better choice for canvas shoes. Acrylic paints are extremely versatile and fast-drying. It can be diluted with water and colorfast. So, don’t worry, the painting on your painted-shoes is not easy to fade.

I love to draw. After I saw a television program that covering about painted-shoes, then I try to make it real. Then I start to open an online shop to sell painted-shoes. I named it : Lov’s painted-shoes. Each pair is custom painted with the art or design of your choice so you will never see another like it! I draw and paint every pair of them. Besides I can earn money, I will also able to experience art in this way.

Let’s check them out! I’ll show you some painted-shoes that I made by myself. Take your time to enjoying this site.

Emily and Elmo - My customer want me to draw this painted-shoes.

Butterfly and Little Elephant

Elmo and Monster Cookies

Cow and the fork

Ballet Girl

Black and Red Carving

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I'm just an ordinary girl not yet an extraordinary one. Full of dreams, full of passions, full of affections. the most important thing is 'I Love F4shion' (read: fashion). Through this blog, I want to share everything about fashion. Write, upload, and give some information about fashion style that come up into my mind then share it with you. I hope you like it.

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