Summer Collection

Summer is a fun season. In this season, people often use it for taking a vacation or enjoy the season with joy. At the same time, fashion in this season is also growing. Make yourself in your favorite style, of course, could be more exciting. Here are examples of women fashion styles in the summer time from Cosmo Girl, Indonesia. Here we go!

option 1

Summer Fashion Style – option 1
1. Knitting Sweater, MAX Boutique
2. Sleeveles undershirt, MAX Boutique
3. Jeans, Miss Selfridge
4. Earring, CH Handricraft
5. Necklace, Sass Diva
6. Clutch Shocking Pink, Topshop
7. Wedges shoes, Shoe Fetish
8. Bracelet, Veronica Accessories

Option 2

Summer Fashion Style – option 2

1. Jacket, Rusty

2. Long Sleeve Shirt, Rusty

3.BlueOceanSkirt, Roxy

4. Bag, Levi’s

5. Ethnic Necklace, J&J byAlun-AlunIndonesia

6. Ethnic Necklace, J&J byAlun-AlunIndonesia

7. Bracelet, Her Room

8. Stone Ring, WW U Community

9. Sandals, Pink Label

Option 3

Summer Fashion Style – option 3

1. Shawl, 9 p.m
2. White shirt, ordinary shirt
3. Sleeveles undershirt, Zara
4. Grey Jeans, Levi’s
5. Ethnic Necklace, Sass Diva
6. Bracelet, J&J by Alun-Alun Indonesia
7. Bracelet, Rembulan Cantik by Alun-Alun Indonesia
8. Bag, Gap
9. Sunglasses, Zara
10. Yellow Sandals, Shines

Option 4

1. White & Blue shirt, Roxy

2.  Sleeveles undershirt, byAlun-AlunIndonesia

3. Belt, N.Y.L.A

4. Denim Jeans, Topshop

5. Earring, CH Handicraft

6. Bracelet, Shines

7. Necklace, Sass Diva

8. Sandals, ordinary sandals

9. Bag, Topshop

10. Hat, Kopta

Option 5

Summer Fashion Style – option 5

1. Jacket, MAX Boutique
2. Shawl, Pink Label
3. Hat, Pink Label
4. Dress, Eclore
5. Bag, Gaudi
6. Sandals, ordinary sandals
7. Necklace, Bean Boutique
8. Bracelet, Sass Diva
9. Bracelet, Sass Diva


About f4shionconscious

I'm just an ordinary girl not yet an extraordinary one. Full of dreams, full of passions, full of affections. the most important thing is 'I Love F4shion' (read: fashion). Through this blog, I want to share everything about fashion. Write, upload, and give some information about fashion style that come up into my mind then share it with you. I hope you like it.

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